Luc Burns is an 18 year old ballet student currently training at Kings International Ballet Academy in Leicestershire, England.


Luc started his training at the age of 14 training at Rana’s School of Ballet from 2015-2018. He then auditioned for Kings International Ballet Academy in 2018, were he was accepted onto their 3 year Professional Dancers Diploma course.

Since joining Kings in 2018, he has competed internationally in Algarve Dance Open in 2018, judged by Casey Herd, Solange Urdang, Dominique Portier and Stephanie Pope also in Trinacria Ballet Competition in Sicily(2018) judged by Leon Cino, Egor Sepaciov, Maurizio Tamellini and Stephane Fournal, where he placed Fifth in his Classical Variation.


 Luc has also competed at YAGP semi-finals in Paris in 2019 and in the Trinacria Ballet Competition in Sicily in the same year judged by Leon Cino, Egor Sepaciov, Maurizio Tamellini and Stephane Fournal, he placed third in both his classical and contemporary variations.

Luc Burns Ballet 1.jpg

Luc was cast in the role of Russian Doll and Rats in Brecon Festival Ballet Company’s premier production of the Nutcracker which was performed in 2019.

 He was awarded a scholarship to attend the Longiano in Danza summer school in Italy in 2019 whilst he worked with Roberto Zamorano, Juan Carlos, Frederic Olivieri and Maldo Bigonzetti attending a range of contemporary and classical classes.

 Luc has recently appeared in a Howard Jones music video, showing his versatility as a performer and his skills as a choreographer. Luc also has experience working off stage for example assisting hair and makeup, costume and side of stage.