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About Us

New Creations Collective is a company of highly skilled artists, blending classical and contemporary art forms to tell timeless, hope inspiring stories. The company aims to make classical art forms accessible and relevant to all audiences. NCC creates versatile productions that can be adapted for a variety of venues, pushing the boundaries of typically theatrical art forms to take the show to the people.

CHIEF Principles

Creativity To create new works of artistic excellence that are accessible, engaging and relevant to a diverse range of audiences.

Honour To conduct a company that demonstrates a culture of honour and value. Endeavouring to provide a positive working environment for all employees and artists, throughout the entire creative process. To demonstrate this can have a visible effect on an artist’s well-being and performance. As a company we wish to pioneer the way towards a better, healthier arts industry.

Inspire To create an entertaining, educational and inspiring experience for all audiences. By showcasing artistic excellence within productions, we hope to increase accessibility and engagement of the classical arts and inspire the next generation

Excellence To ensure excellence through the quality and standard of a highly accomplished, professional team, all dedicated to excellence within their field. Collaboratively, the whole team is committed to the creation of high-quality, accessible, engaging work.

Fearlessness To push the boundaries of creativity, never limiting ambitious vision, innovation and expression.

Our Mission 

To make classical arts more accessible by creating shows that work outside the theatre.
To be adventurous with the way we use these art forms, telling stories through dance in new ways to engage and captivate audiences.
To make the arts industry a better place by upholding high standards through the care of all our artists.

If you are as passionate as we are about our mission and would like to support the company then please contact us.

New Creations Collective are proud to pay all our cast and creatives above Equity/ITC minimum rates. We believe this raises the quality of the audience’s experience, and contributes to a fairer more sustainable arts sector, where all should be paid a fair living wage. 

Make sure you are paying to see live theatre performed by properly paid artists!

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