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New Creations Collective are proud to announce Nightingale, a brand-new ballet based on the life and work of Florence Nightingale.

You know the legend, but how much do you really know about the lady behind the lamp?

Florence’s legendary life was marked by monumental achievements and extraordinary events. In a society bound by convention, Florence changed history.

Get to know Florence like never before as we take you on a journey from her childhood surrounded by family, to finding her profession as a nurse, to becoming the first woman in history to receive an order of Merit from King Edward. This is a woman who’s story is worth telling!


Narrated extracts from Florence’s personal diaries bring her story to life through her own words, alongside a brand-new score, original choreography, beautiful set and costumes. 

Performed by an accomplished cast of dancers and musicians, this high-quality, original ballet is guaranteed to be an inspiring and informative experience for adults and children alike. 

Building on the success of NCC’s 2021 and 2022 performances of The Secret Garden, we are excited to offer you another sublime original score by Adam Kornas and more authentic, character-driven choreography by Nina Monteiro.

If you would like to book Nightingale as part of your events programme or for a private event then please email

To view more production images visit our gallery!

Summer 2023 Reviews

"This beautifully choreographed ballet and music brings a historical story back to emotional life. This outstanding art work and performance helped to reaffirm Florence Nightingale’s position as the founder of modern nursing. Well done to all the performers." 

- Dr Maddie Blackburn (Maddie completed her general nurse training in the 1970s at the (former) Nightingale Training School for Nurses (1860-1993).

“The production of ‘Nightingale’ I saw at Leonardslee Gardens yesterday was wonderful. The dancers were incredibly expressive and the story was beautifully told. A very clever set and costume design, alongside a live cellist , made the whole performance outstanding. A must see event.” - Fiona Chadwick (Former Principal Dancer with The Royal Ballet)

"Nightingale" is a captivating ballet production from New Creations Collective that brings to life the story of Florence Nightingale, the pioneering nurse who made significant advances to modern nursing during the Crimean War in the 19th century. A truly moving performance which provides a unique opportunity to appreciate both the artistry of dance and the significance of the narrative being portrayed. A magical ballet, combining beautiful dancing, choreography, and storytelling within the stunning surroundings of Claremont Gardens should not be missed!" - Amanda Rowley Out & About Magazine


“The performance itself was beautiful and very cleverly told” - Ruth Rayment Premier Magazine 

2023 Audience Member Reviews

“My first ballet and not a tutu in sight - great combination music, choreography, dancing and acting. Simply lovely”

“Our 8 year old boy felt it was “really emotional” and loved the drama. We all were captivated by the performance, the music and dance were a pleasure to watch. We felt the storyline was wonderfully clear. So glad we came, we will recommend it to others now!”

“Genius. What a wonderful creation. A wonderful example of the power of ballet as an expressive art form. A story told beautifully and capable of lifting the over simplistic perceptions of a do-gooding “lady of the lamp” to an insightful and accurate depiction of her struggle.”

“I have never seen a ballet and I thought it wasn’t for me but it was truly inspiring. I am a retired nurse and I found it thought provoking”


Photos by Arek Glebocki

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